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Back at the crime scene: Political and cabaret songs from the 1930s (venue: Riddersalen, Frederiksberg)

Concert at the historical Theatre Riddersalen with FIGURA Ensemble (part of the Golden Days Festival) (moderation in English)

7pm: pre-concert talk: Stig Jarl (Copenhagen): Riddersalen and Left Wing Theatre in Copenhagen in the 1930s.

8pm: Concert with FIGURA Ensemble including Eisler-Bunge conversations in English.

The rich musical cultural heritage from the 1930s political circles will be brought back to the historical scene of Riddersalen. This was the place to be in those days when Brecht would silently sit at the back row, observing the actors preparing the world premiere of Round Heads and Pointed Heads in 1936. In Copenhagen, cultural radical musicians and authors mixed with emigrants from Germany. One of these was the composer Hanns Eisler, Brecht’s closest collaborator during these years. The FIGURA Ensemble with stunning Helene Gjerris in front will present a variety of political songs by Eisler and friends in their own ingenious and charming arrangements. Along the way we will meet a first performance by Otto Mortensen, who studied by Eisler and wrote songs for Lulu Ziegler. Before the concert we invite to at pre-concert talk Stig Jarl (University of Copenhagen) on Riddersalen and left wing theatre in Copenhagen in the 1930s. After the show it will be possible to enjoy a drink in the bar within this historical environment.

Musik og Kulturradikalisme (Music and Neue Sachlichkeit)

8 pm Concert in Dronningsalen, The Royal Library (moderation in Danish). Pre-concert talk in Danish (7pm)                                             

Koncert, der går til kulturradikalismens rødder og præsenterer to ikoniske værker fra 1930'erne: Bertolt Brechts skuespil 'Rundhoder og Spidshoder' med musik af Hanns Eisler samt Bernhard Christensens musik til Poul Henningsens 'Danmarksfilm'. Pre concert-talk kl. 19 i Blixen Salen (Gratis for publikum med billet til aftenens koncert) v. professor Michael Fjeldsøe: Den kulturradikale utopi, eller: Hvordan musik kan ændre verden. 

[Concert with iconic works of Neue Sachlichkeit from the 1930s: Brecht’s Rundköpfe und Spitzköpfe (1936) with Eisler’s music in original scoring, and Bernhard Christensen’s music for Poul Henningsen’s documentary Denmark (1935)]